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The idea behind LUVE is simple, to create a stylish reusable bottle that purifies water in an instant. Once we had the technology to make this happen it only made sense to make the LUVE bottle the sexiest re-useable bottle on the market!

LUVE was founded in New Zealand by a couple of mates, Luke & Jeremy, who love to travel but hate smelly water bottles and harmful bacteria. LUVE bottle is powered by advanced UV-C technology that eliminates 99.99% of germs and bio-contaminants. We want to make this technology accessible to all, so everyone can enjoy purified water wherever they are in a more sustainable bottle.


We're not only aiming to eliminate single use plastic bottles, but by purchasing a LUVE self-cleaning water bottle you're also supporting Sustainable Coastlines NZ. We will donate $1 on your behalf which will go towards removing plastic from New Zealand's beaches and planting native trees. More information is available on their website here 

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